Kevin O’Toole Released from Hospital – On the Way Home

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930

A press conference with just about every print, television and radio media outlet in the Washington-Baltimore Region present to document this important day, Volunteer Sergeant Kevin O’Toole stepped outside of the hospital for the first time since he was admitted 55 days ago.  A significant day in Kevin’s recovery; being discharged from the hospital and starting the next phase as an out patient for the next several months.

Kevin O’Toole, 21 years of age, has been hospitalized since he sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns while battling a Riverdale house fire on February 24.  At about 1:30 pm, Kevin was brought from the Burn Unit of Medstar Washington Hospital Center downstairs where he stepped out of the wheelchair.  He walked gingerly with his parents, Jeff and Jane O’Toole, Bladensburg Fire Chief Randy Kuenzil and Jason Woods from the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation.  He greeted fellow members as they stood by Truck 809 and then he made his way to the microphone.  Sergeant O’Toole was very gracious in responding to questions about his injuries, recovery process and future plans.  Volunteer Chief Kuenzil and Burn Foundation President Woods also provided comments concerning Kevin’s stay at the hospital and recovery.

Prince George’s County Fire Chief Marc Bashoor visited Kevin earlier in the day and wished him the best in his recovery process.

Kevin O’Toole boarded the front seat of Truck 809, the unit that brought him to the house fire where he was injured.  Bladensburg’s ladder truck, 2 engines and 2 chiefs buggies departed the hospital en route back to the Fire/EMS Station.  He was greeted at the station by a host of firefighters from Bladensbueg and other surrounding stations.  Kevin’s return now closes the operational aspect of the call now that everyone has gone home.

Kevin will join his parents as they travel back to Bethpage, New York in the morning.  He will continue his out patient treatment and physical therapy in Bethpage.

Bladensburg Volunteer Chief Kuenzil addresses media.

DC Firefighters Burn Foundation President Jason Woods provides comments .

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