Radio System Update for PGFD Users

Based on feedback from field personnel and to maximize the efficiency of the A/B/C selector switch on the portable radio, we have decided to make some changes with regards to dispatch of units on various talk groups.  Effective Friday, February 3, 2012 at 0700 hours, calls that were previously dispatched to 8-Golf-3 or 8-Golf-7 will now be dispatched to 8-Alpha-11 or 8-Alpha-12.  Calls that were previously dispatched to 8-Hotel-3 or 8-Hotel-7 will now be dispatched to 8-Charlie-11 or 8-Charlie-12.  This should drastically reduce the need to switch zones on emergency incidents.  Technical Rescue, Water Rescue and Hazardous Materials calls will continue to be dispatched to the Delta zone. 
Additionally, we have been made aware of a programming issue on our end that temporarily places the District of Columbia Fire/EMS zones out of service.  We are actively working on this issue and should have this fixed soon.  We are also looking forward to some new programming features on the mobile that will include a zone up and zone down button.
I appreciate everyone’s feedback and patience while we work through this and future improvements.
Scott K. Hoglander, Lt. Colonel
Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department
Special Operations Command

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