Cause and Origin in Bladensburg Fatal Fire

Media Contact: Mark E. Brady, 240-508-7930

At around 11:00 am, Wednesday, January 18, firefighters in the Bladensburg area discovered an adult male deceased from thermal injuries. He was found in his apartment on the 6th floor at 5802 Annapolis Road where firefighters had been dispatched to investigate smoke in the hallway.

Fire Investigators believe that the man accidentally ignited his clothing while cooking. The male sustained critical burn injuries and was pronounced deceased on the scene.

Fire Investigators found evidence of a relatively small fire on the stove top, however, damage was minimal.
The cause of the fire is accidental and attributed to cooking with fire loss estimated at $5,000.

The identity of the deceased is not yet confirmed as autopsy results will be required to do so. It is believed that the victim is the occupant that normally resides in the apartment of origin.

This is the first fire fatality in Prince George’s County in 2012.

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