Escalator Incident at Fed Ex Field

An incident involving the “upper level escalator” occurred just before the end of the Redskins VS Jets NFL Game as a large portion of the crowd was exiting Fed Ex Field in Landover. No details are currently available why the escalator at Gate A came to a sudden stop. Fed Ex Field and Redskins officials as well as the County Police are investigating. 

The Fire/EMS Department evaluated several people, however, only transported 2 adult males to area hospitals for possible minor injuries. 

No additional information is available through the Fire/EMS Department.

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  • John says:

    I was there on the adjacent escalator. Actually, there were two incidents. While the upper escalator did come to a sudden stop, the injurious incident was actually on the lower escalator. It suddenly starting going very fast (like 10x normal speed) and people were piling up at the bottom of the escalator. It was very scary. Thank God more people weren’t injured and that no one was killed. I have never witnessed an escalator speeding up like that before.

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