Thanksgiving Morning Rescue by Good Samaritans

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930

A Thanksgiving morning crash in Upper Marlboro could have ended tragically if not for the quick actions of Good Samaritans. At around 8:45 am a 3-vehicle motor vehicle crash occurred on Watkins Park Drive near Keverton Drive. One of the vehicles involved had their engine compartment immediately erupt with fire. The female driver of the burning car was not trapped but could not exit due to her injuries and possible shock.
Two men, driving in separate vehicles, witnessed the crash and saw the car burst into flames and recognized that no one was getting out of the car.  Without hesitation or concern for their own safety, Johnnie Wichard of Lotian, MD and Andre Matlock of Upper Marlboro, approached the burning car and saw the adult female driver inside. They opened the door and pulled the injured and distraught female to safety as the fire and intense heat extended into the passenger compartment.  Witnesses reported the fire engulfed the vehicles interior just moments after the driver was pulled out.
Firefighters and paramedics arrived a short time later and extinguished the fire and tended to victims injured in the crash. Firefighters stated that the female pulled to safety by the Good Samaritans would have sustained more serious, even fatal, injuries if it had not been for these men.  The interior of the car was completely gutted by the fire.
Drivers of 2 cars involved in the crash were transported to a nearby trauma center with serious but non-life threatening injuries, including the rescued adult female.
Upon notification of the incident, Prince Georges County Fire Chief Marc Bashoor stated, “Thanksgiving Day takes on a different meaning for those involved in this mornings crash. The quick actions of the Good Samaritans was impressive and we thank them for their bravery and courage to rush to aid a stranger in a potential life or death situation.”


4 door sedan had their engine compartment burst into flames upon impact.  PGFD PHOTO

The vehicles interior was gutted by the fire.  PGFD PHOTO

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