Bladensburg VFD Participated in a Community Event

Randy S. Kuenzli, Chief of the Bladensburg Volunteer Fire Department, provided us with the following information about a very successful community event.
For Immediate Release
 On Saturday October 8, 2011, Volunteers from the Bladensburg Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad participated in Edmonston Day.  The event held annually  by the Town of Edmonston is usually scheduled in June, however this past June was rained out and was rescheduled for this past Saturday.
A very successful community event attended by more than 400 residents featuring exhibits, rides, good food, car show and a host of fire prevention activities.  Participants were taught through live demonstration, the proper use of fire extinguishers, large discussion groups on various prevention items from use of extension cords, alternative heating devices and cooking hazards, including how to call 911 and what information they should be prepared to provide to the operator.
Sparky the fire dog and Smokey the Bear handed out coloring books, crayons, pencils and a host of phamplets on various prevention tips.  Sparky and Smokey posed for numerous pictures with both young and old alike.  Volunteers were able to assist local residents with distribution of over 25 smoke detectors, along with information on the best placement of these detectors.
During the middle of the afternoon the crowd was visited by Trooper 2 and received a chance to look at the air craft while receiving a full explanation of all capabilities and how it directly assists the Fire and Police departments.  After the citizen tour, fire fighters participated in an on scene training exercise with the Troopers Pilot and Medic on the specifics of the aircraft and requirements of the ground crew during a actual event.
Bladensburg Fire Department is an all Volunteer staffed station and has been since November of 2004.  We operate as part of the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department, a very unique and one of a kind combination Volunteer/Career department in the Nation.  We are the only all volunteer, full service department in the Prince George’s County system, responding to an average of 6000 fire/EMS runs per year without a single failed or understaffed response.
Randy S. Kuenzli
Fire Chief
Bladensburg Volunteer Fire Dept.
and Rescue Squad, Inc.
PO Box 348
Bladensburg, MD   20710
Division Chief
Prince George’s County
Fire / EMS Dept.
Cell: 240-876-0279
Nationally Certified:
Fire Fighter II
Fire Officer IV
Fire Instructor III
Fire Inspector II
Incident Safety Officer

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