Volunteer Firefighter Rides for Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Fund Raiser

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930, mebrady@co.pg.md.us

Kentland Volunteer Fire Department Chief Tony Kelleher recently made us aware of a special journey for one member of their department.  Kelleher stated, “Sergeant Oleg Pelekhaty spent 16 days, riding mostly solo, over 6000 miles across the United States of America to promote ovarian cancer awareness and to raise funds for the same cause.”  He returned to Prince George’s County on June 22nd, 2011.

Oleg Pelekhaty poses with his HD and firefighters from Iowa City.

For the past few weeks, Kentland Volunteer Fire Department Squad Company Sergeant Oleg Pelekhaty has ridden his Harley-Davidson motorcycle from the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department, Station 33, across the continental United States and halfway back. He did this to promote ovarian cancer awareness and to raise $6000.00; a dollar for each mile he rode, for the same cause. As great of a feat as this is, he is also doing it mostly on his own with the exception of day one.

Throughout his journey Oleg was the recipient of firefighter hospitality and demonstration of brotherhood as he stopped every few hundred miles for rest at a local fire station. You can follow Sergeant Pelekhaty on his blog, specifically designed for this trip, by clicking on the attached link. Also, you can still donate to the cause on the blog as well. The Officers and Membership of the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.as well as Acting Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor and the entire Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department congratulate Sergeant Pelekhaty on his mission and journey.

Pelekhaty is still in need of donations to reach his goal.  To date he has raised just under $3,000.  He posted some interesting and compelling stories on his blog as he travelled the country. You can review his trip and make donations on his blog at http://motorcyclefundraiser.blogspot.com/

For additional information you may also contact the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department, Inc, at 301-883-7733.

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