Clinton Firefighters Clear Busy Intersection of Snapping Hazard

The Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services Department is an “all-hazards” agency.  Typically, our Department will respond and mitigate whatever may be happening; anywhere, anytime.  So it was when a citizen reported to Firefighter/Medics at the Clinton Fire/EMS Station 825 early this morning that a life was in peril at the intersection of Piscataway Road and Woodyard Road, fire/EMS personnel were quick to spring into action.

Personnel did indeed find a hazard that not only endangered a life but also was creating a traffic hazard from the motorists trying to maneuver around the large senior snapping turtle that was wandering around the intersection.

Firefighters Ryan Ferriter and Wesley Auld, taking all safety precautions into account, carefully scooped up the turtle, successfully removing the hazard and returned him to a wooded area near the intersection. All in a days work.

Congratulations to Captain Poole and crew on this successful endeavor.  All light-hearted comments aside; compassionate and fast actions of this type serve to support the high approval rating our citizens and residents have of our Fire/EMS Department.  Keep up the good work!!!

Now I’m off to call OPRAH and the TODAY SHOW!!!

A “large” senior snapping turtle was removed from a busy Clinton, MD,
intersection and returned to the wild.

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