County Firefighter/Medics Participate in Capital Shield 2011

The Prince George’s County, Maryland, Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department

participated in Capital Shield 2011, a D.C.-area full-scale (realistic) exercise to test the regions
ability to respond to a mass casualty terrorist attack. The exercise was conducted over a 2-day
period with the first day, Wednesday, October, 13, 2010, held in the County at the Cranford-
Graves Fire Services Building in Landover Hills.

In addition to Prince George’s County Firefighter/Medics, more than 80 federal, state, and local agencies exercised together to test overall response. First responders performed mock rescues, triage, treatment procedures, and practiced transporting victims by helicopter and ambulance to area hospitals. Victims were made-up to look as if they are seriously injured and have just been pulled from the rubble of a large explosion and building collapse.

The goal of the exercise is to ensure that government agencies at every level are prepared to take coordinated action to protect the public in the event of an actual disaster in the National Capital Region. This is a joint exercise conducted with Joint Force Headquarters – National Capital Region/U.S. Army Military District of Washington and local and state response partners.

Overall, the Prince George’s County portion of the exercise went smoothly and re-enforced the Departments readiness to handle mass casualty incidents (MCI). The University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security was on site to evaluate medical surge response and regions ability to respond to an MCI.

Images are provided courtesy of Acting Battalion Chief Kristen Angell and Denice Dickens.

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